KNote 23

Class 23

Topics covered in Korean Digital Academy Class 23.

  • Duration
  • Respectful 시 attachment


  • Ask and answer questions about duration
  • Conjugation of 하시다

These are notes I’ve taken on class 23 .  It covers duration.

Korean English Part of Speech
얼마나 how much  pronoun  대명사 
한국  Korea  noun  명
대한민국  Korea  noun  명
~년  years  noun  명
~일  days  noun  명
가족  family  noun  명
 고기  meat  noun  명사 
 물고기  fish  noun  명사 
 이전십오년  2015  number 수사
 같이 together  adverb 부사
 지나다 to pass   verb  동사 
무슨  what [대명사, 한정사]
어느 which [대명사, 한정사]
어떤  which  [대명사, 한정사]

잘 지냈어요?   Did you pass your time well?


fdontknowsay  fonly3months fsuncheon fhangout fhome fmiss flongtimenosee  common-ways-to-learn-english1 fknowwhofmeat fnodrink fquitsmoking ffamily f100days foneyearanniversary fteachEnglish2years flearning6months fkorea3years fhowlongkorea fhowlongkorea

whowherewhatwhy respectful시 convsation_23 conv23_2


Particle English Pattern
~한테 ‘to’ (preferred in speech) N (person, animal) +  한테


Korean English
 ~고 있다 Progressive tense  –

‘ing’ the continuing of an action

  V-고 있다


Turning 형용사 descriptive verb/adjective

into noun modifier

Pattern:  A – ㄴ /은   (Past & present tense)
A – ㄹ / 을  (future tense)



Turning 동사 action verb

into noun modifier

 Pattern:  V – ㄴ /은   (Past tense)
V – 는 (Present tense)  [for ㄹ verbs drop the final ㄹ]
V – ㄹ /을 (Future tense)
~ㄴ+ 지 Duration  Pattern:  ~(으)ㄴ + 지 (time) 되다


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