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Dictionary Skills: Parts of Speech

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Synonyms/Antonyms and Searching in Naver Dictionary

Korean Vitamin suggested that I look in Naver’s monolingual dictionary for  관련어휘 (related terms) after reading my post about the Visual Thesaurus. NAVER Korean Dictionary provides 510,000 words. It also provides synonym, writing examples, and information on grammar.  Read more … Continue reading

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Naver Mini Dictionary

I miss the simplicity of the zKorean dictionary.  So I added the Naver mini-dictionary link to my bookmark bar. I am reminded that I am not utilizing the “my vocabulary” aspect of Naver.  Part of the reason was I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Encyclopedia & Naver Translate

Part of the problem with using the Naver site is simply not having enough Korean words to navigate through the many pages.  Two things to learn early are 영어사전 is English dictionary 지식 백과 is Encyclopedia of Knowledge

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Naver and Me

Naver dictionary and I have come to an uneasy truce.  I now understand the words for parts of speech.  I have become familiar with the dictionary format layout.  I have explored some of it’s different page views.  I can use … Continue reading

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Naver Phrasebook

Naver’s Phrasebook has been a helpful resource for picking up new vocabulary.  Now, my language exchange partner suggested using it for practice reading. I realized with delight that since it had both English and Korean listed by A/B reading parts, that … Continue reading

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Naver Dictionary users translating sentences

I use the Naver Dictionary daily.  Their wealth of example sentences are so helpful.  How do they get so many sentences translated to English or Korean?  They have a “User Translation” service.  Crowd-sourcing where users are actively involved in translating our … Continue reading

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Naver: English/Korean daily conversations

I sometimes feel like Naver has a wealth of information I could use to learn Korean, if only I knew enough Korean to use Naver!  Haha For example, Naver posts a short conversation in English and Korean every day with … Continue reading

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Learning a Language: Real World Pop Quiz

I worked myself up to commit that I AM learning the Korean language about 6 weeks ago. I knew it would be self-study.  So far, I haven’t actually come up with much of a plan.  I’m brain-storming, gathering research, trying … Continue reading

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