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South Korean Buddhist nuns ‘rap’ Heart Sutra

More than 300 nuns and monks convened in a Seoul temple to participate in a prayer competition hosted by the Jogye Order, Korea’s largest Buddhist organization. While most recited traditional prayers, a group of three young nuns delivered a blistering performance of … Continue reading

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Heart Sutra in Korean

The Heart Sutra is one of the most important sutras in Mahayana Buddhism.  In Sanskrit the sutra is known as Prajñāpāramitā Hṛdaya, the Heart of the Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom.  Below is the English, Korean, and Chinese version of the Heart Sutra.  May this … Continue reading

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Traditional Korean Architecture

If you are interested in Korean architecture, you might like A Study on the Connecting Method of Wooden Structure Found at Korean Traditional Wooden Structure. Korean article   Geuklakjeon Hall of Bongjeongsa Temple in Korea

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Temple Stay in South Korea

Chulmoon sent me some information about temple stays in South Korea. http://www.busuksa.kr/templestay/main.asp   부석사(浮石寺) 템플스테 http://temple.cheontae.org/ http://jabisunsa.templestay.com/ http://blog.naver.com/namdokorea/220162918496  

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Hanok and the Sun

The Korean Traditional House is called a Hanok.  Designed to withstand the forces of Korean climate, Hanok are built with natural elements such as trees, soil, stone, and paper. Hanok employ natural science to circulate air, with gardens planted in … Continue reading

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Make It Pop

Nickelodeon is premiering a new TV Show “Make It Pop” on Monday.  The three leads have Asian American heritage, and it is loosely based on the high schoolers wanting to form a K-Pop group.  While Nickelodeon shows are too sweet … Continue reading

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Friends in Korea

FriendsInKorea.com is the oldest and largest international social club in Korea. They have  weekly international parties in various areas of Seoul and other cities in Korea. They also organize language exchange meetings in coffee shops every week. FriendsInKorea.com은 한국에서 가장 오래되고 가장 큰 … Continue reading

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Why are you interested in Korea?

I read an interesting post on Kimchi Mamas about a woman dating online. She was troubled by Asian Fetish Men responding to her ads. As a white woman who has become interested in Korea 3 years ago, I worry that … Continue reading

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Korean American Story

Watch the amazing story of Korean American Mrs. Jungsook Choh. She recalls her life immediately after the Korean Independence from Japan and the subsequent events during the Korean War. KoreanAmericanStory.org has the mission to capture and preserve the Korean American … Continue reading

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Hanbok Rental

Hanbok is the traditional Korean outfit. One can rent a hanbok from Hanbok Story 194-17 Northern Blvd. Flushing NY 11358 Hanboknyc.com Read more about it in the NPR story Korean Tailors Try To Keep The Lunar New Year Hanbok Ritual Alive

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Wishing Tree & Lunar New Year

Seollal: Lunar New Year Celebrations in Korea

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Just relax and talk. There is no grammar.

I stumbled on to this video, which after a short titles segment, has a man practicing his Korean with some Korean shopkeepers in USA.

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Why learn a language?

Language learning can do a lot for your well-being. Because it’s easy.  In this crazy, unpredictable world, what is simpler than doing flashcards? Because it’s a challenge.  Learning a new language is an intellectual stimulation. Because it builds confidence. In … Continue reading

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The world and the Kooks

Naive by the Kooks inspired a flashcard.

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Cultural Exchange: Healthcare

I wonder about the US vs Korea health care system. In the US, there are 5,723 hospitals with 920,829 beds.  My local hospital Berkshire Medical Center is touted as in the top #100 Hospitals for overall care.  Massachusetts is well known … Continue reading

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