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Studying with Naver Jr

From my pen pal http://study.jr.naver.com/dongyo/view.nhn?dongyoNo=627&categoryId=4&device=pc   This is a challenge for me to translate, but that is the joy of interacting with Korean.  They send me such interesting things!  A children’s song is just my style. ^^ The gist of … Continue reading

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I am not alone

Sometimes it can feel like you are alone as a Korean learner if you don’t have many Korean speakers around where you live.  So to combat that, why not participate with other Korean learners?  One way you can do that … Continue reading

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Culture Exchange: Toys and Childhood Games

I was surprised in a Korean drama to see hopscotch being played.  I grew up drawing those on my driveway.  A piece of chalk, a stone, and we were entertained. Turns out that cat’s cradle, that game where you have … Continue reading

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Culture Exchange: Country Music and Trot

One of my pen pals told me that the older Korean generation likes Trot music 트로트.  He compared Trot to American Country Music.  When he was learning English, he liked listening to George Jones’ music. Music 음악 is a great way to interest people … Continue reading

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Wake Up Song

둥근 해가 떴습니다 The Round Sun Has Risen 둥근해가 떳습니다 자리에서 일어나서 제일먼저 이를 닦자 윗니아래 이닦자 세수할때는 깨끗이 이쪽 저쪽 목닦고 머리빗고 옷을 입고 거울을 봅니다 꼭꼭씹어 밥을 먹고 가방메고 인사하고 씩씩하게 갑니다 유치원에 갑니다 Not learning, just having … Continue reading

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No earthly worries

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUezJt2Bdh8S. Carey “Crown the Pines” makes me think of flying over the tops of a forest of pine trees where everything is clean and beautiful, the sun shining, the air fresh, and no earthly worries.

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It’s music, not learning

Hangul, Hangul everywhere. Today’s challenge:  importing music from my ITunes library to Amazon Cloud Player so I can play on my Samsung Android phone. Turns out, I have something like 1500 songs in ITunes, and Amazon Cloud Player is only … Continue reading

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Cultural Exchange: Drums

Sharing our love for music, I play guitar, and my pen pal plays Korean drums.  Here is a link to a concert of Korean drums 사물놀이미르 Samulnori. From Naver: Samulnori is music played on the four basic Korean percussion instruments: ggoenggwari … Continue reading

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