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When I first started Hanguk Babble, I was on the hunt for any and all tools that I might use to learn a language.  I did not know how to teach myself Korean, so I was grasping at everything.  A browse back over the more than 1000 posts on Hanguk Babble will show you my scattered journey.

More isn’t always better.  I had a ton of ideas.  However, what has worked the best for me is Korean Digital Academy and having a language exchange partner or tutor.

The worst advice I was given when I first started is get lots of different material that cover the same topic.  Maybe the tool you are using isn’t a good fit.  If that is the case, try another.  But I would have made more progress if I wasn’t listening to so many different websites/language learning software/books/audio/polyglots.

I had this crazy idea that I wouldn’t find enough Korean material to learn from.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and wondered if I was missing something obvious and extremely helpful.  So I wasted a lot of effort searching.  I bought a LOT of books, maybe more than I will ever read.

With the wisdom of a year of language learning, here are the key tools I use now.

Korean DramaDrama Fever

DictionaryNaver Korean Dictionary

Korean Language BlogsTalk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)

Korean Class: Korean Digital Academy

Korean Grammar:  Korean Wiki ProjectKorean Grammar Dictionary

TranslationNaver translate

Verb ConjugationDongsa


Chinese charactersChinEasy,  YellowBridge Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary

Language ExchangeMindpasta

Tutoring:  iTalki

Korean BooksHanbooks

Libraries:  Boston Public Library,  C/W Mars



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One Response to Frequently used tools

  1. 安迪妮 says:

    It’s crucial to know your preferences and tools that suit you. Thanks for the Chineasy link. I’m learning Chinese so it should be useful.


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