Intention and Results

What does it take to change intention to results?

Here are some things that help.

  1. Clearly define your intention.
  2. Schedule a specific time to work on the goal.
  3. Identify possible obstacles and solutions.
  4. Know why you want to do this.
  5. Choose a reasonable goal, based on all factors including finances, time, family, and obligations.
  6. If possible, devote a specified area just for study.  Remove distractions.  Set your tools in the same place, so when you sit down, you can get directly to work.

I set a goal:  Spend 2 weeks focused completely on Korean language learning.

Actual results fell short of what I had intended.  I’m looking deeply into myself to understand what happened.  I had a strong desire, but I let other things in life take precedence.  I’m not sure if that was the right or wrong thing to do.  I do know I made progress in restarting my Korean studies, but I need to apply more energy and time in that direction.

Rob Julian reminded me that the important thing is to keep making progress.  Slow and steady, that’s my speed.  Cram everything back into my head in 2 weeks plan was too ambitious.  However, it felt great to be writing sentences and even speaking to a Korean in person this week.  The passion for learning Korean is still there.




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