Korean Bible

bibleReceived a gift of a Korean bible from the Korean woman I met in town.  Since the bible is organized by chapter and verse, it is easy to match the Korean to an English bible.

I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.  John 8:12

예수께서 또 일러 가라사대 `나는 세상의 빛이니 나를 따르는 자는 어두움에 다니지 아니하고 생명의 빛을 얻으리라’

Korean Bible Online

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3 Responses to Korean Bible

  1. Cimi says:

    Wow. As those of us who have dipped our toes into Korean culture via kdramas have come to find out, one thing leads to another. Whodathunkit.

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  2. It’s totally fun, isn’t it? Such an easy way to learn.

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    • jreidy17 says:

      When I was a child, we use to have to memorize a bible verse each day and say it at the dinner time. I am thinking to show my appreciation, next lunchtime I should be able to say the above quote in Korean to my generous neighbor.


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