Studying with Naver Jr

From my pen pal


This is a challenge for me to translate, but that is the joy of interacting with Korean.  They send me such interesting things!  A children’s song is just my style. ^^

The gist of it is walking through an orchard with the fragrant white flower petals drifting down like snowflakes softly on a light breeze.

과수원 길





동구 밖 과수원 길

아카시아 꽃이 활짝 폈네


하얀 꽃 이파리

눈송이처럼 날리네


향긋한 꽃 냄새가

실바람 타고 솔솔


둘이서 말이 없네

얼굴 마주 보며 생긋


아카시아 꽃 하얗게 핀

먼 옛날의 과수원 길

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